Our Programs


Gun Dog Training

Maximize your hunting companion’s potential with our Gun Dog Training. From field skills to obedience, we tailor sessions for both novice and seasoned hunters.


Canine Academy

Unleash your dog’s potential at our Canine Academy. Our expert-led courses enhance intelligence, agility, and socialization, fostering a well-rounded and confident companion.

This program not only focuses on the immediate training needs of the dog but also emphasizes the importance of owner involvement and consistency at home.


Police/Military Dogs

Trust our rigorous training for elite Police/Military Dogs. Disciplined, agile, and tactical, our canines enhance security and operational efficiency in challenging roles.

This program appears to focus on producing well-trained and certified canines for various purposes, including law enforcement and therapy.


Personal Protection K9

Our Personal Protection K9 program is dedicated to providing you with a loyal and vigilant protector for your family. We prioritize a comprehensive and family-oriented approach to ensure the seamless integration of your protection dog into your lifestyle.

Choosing a Personal Protection K9 from our program means selecting a loyal companion and guardian dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones safe. For more details or to discuss the suitability of our program for your specific needs, feel free to reach out to us.